Water Ways

A short compilation of our travels in Southeast Asia. Although the majority of scenes were shot in Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines some shots were taken from our travels in New Zealand, Fiji, and Bora Bora.

2 thoughts on “Water Ways

  1. Dear Harold and Yen,

    This just makes me want to cry – it’s so very beautiful, a real life, a real love, freedom, inspiratus, happiness on the fly…. So very much needed right now. Thank you so much for sending it my way. Happy new year to you both! With lots of live,



    1. Linda,

      I’m very glad that you enjoyed the video. As you expressed, it was filled with a lot of love, life, and freedom. Something that seems to be more and more limited these days. The making of this video has been very therapeutic for me. I hope that it can also take you away to happier times and places. Please let us know when we can expect our next lunch date – we miss you much.


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