The Descent

Most movies that I’ve watched depict caves as being infested with terrifyingly bloody, pigmy-Gollum critters that are all just hanging around in dark corners, waiting to grub on your succulent meatiness.

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China does not even attempt to tolerate these foolish myths. Their version of the perfect cave system does a little more than just rely on the usual features: darkness, cold, and damp. Even though these are three prime ingredients for one hell of a good time, the Chinese have decided that it would be even better if they spruced up the place a little bit.

It was peculiar to see how a little elbow grease and some pizazz could change the overall appeal of a dark cavity located in the Earth.

An expected descent into a crypt quickly became an unexpected immersion in a massively mesmerizing, enchanting, and imaginative cavern.

With impeccable attention to detail, they added and fully customized a serenade of soothing classical music. The ambiance is accompanied by a rainbow lighting effect that color coats every segmented stalactite and stalagmite within the chamber. This cave system feels less like an underground well and more like the display of an exquisite, abstract art piece.

The Descent Reflect

The Reed Flute Cave is quite enjoyable. If you are ever traveling in China and willing to make Reed Flute a day excursion, you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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