Nostalgic Stew

The Lemon clan has had a very long hibernation from blogging. Summer is over and ‘winter is coming’. Forget about that cup of hot chocolate. It’s about time we get our lemonade stand back up and running.

Since our last post so many, many months ago, the Brokelemon duo has been thrown back into the mix of real life – a mix that is more chunky than puréed. Working, shopping, suburban homemaking, socializing, wining and dining… all of which has couch potato’ed our creative energies so much that we’re starting to sprout leaves.

Speaking for myself, I have fallen into a hole that deepens with the phrase, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Being that there is an endless supply of tomorrows, this laziness has not only infected my sense of writing, but has fracked its way into the creative drive of my video work as well. So much so, that I barely know how to begin explaining some of what I witnessed and did during my travels: Like climbing up the red stone steps of thousand year old pagodas in Myanmar, or literally throwing up my guts all over a sea turtle during a nauseatingly rocky scuba diving trip in the Philippines.

Before starting off on our jaunt, I didn’t understand what traveling could, or even would change in me. I was just excited to try something new. In that time, ‘something new’ became a way of life, an addiction that I now find hard to quit cold turkey.

For nearly three years, my life was enormously memorable and enriched. There were so many bonds made, cities visited, and cuisines sampled. Both Yen and I knew the day would come when we would need to check ourselves back into reality rehab, even though at the time the months seemed to stretch as if a black hole were sucking in our entire being and there was no escape. Now, like some distant dream, everything from that past seems so, ‘foreign’.

Since returning to the US I’ve come to terms with it. But, initially, I felt ripped out of a wonderfully vivid dream – like a global band-aid had been quickly torn off and I was left in a mild state of shock.

I often wonder if those years abroad really transpired. I feel like fellow travelers will relate to my sentiments. Sometimes it feels like I’m suffering from travelers PTSD. I came back home. I knew something happened. Something extraordinary, different, and mind blowing, but my friends and family can’t even begin to fathom what I’ve seen or done. Energetically they lend their attentions and ears and try very hard to relate. Sadly, there is just no possible conjunction in which they can relate to it all. Your unconventional decision to leave home, and the desire to disappear for months just for the sake of traveling seems to blow over their heads.

In lack of that connection, my loved ones just did what they could do (and I really can’t blame them) — they’ve thrust me back into their hierarchical role: the friend, the brother, the son, the worker, or whatever role I served before skipping town like an hour lost in a random time zone.

Since then I sit pensive, wondering and pondering over it all. Letting all of those experiences slow cook into a simmering pool of nostalgia. Just waiting for someone with a spoon of curiosity to come along willing to sample a taste of it.

My words might not fully capture some of the things both Yen and I have done. And if a photo is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video is worth a thousand and one. I hope that after so long I can finally tear myself from this invisible couch and share a spoonful of hearty good memories. I don’t mind sharing, so bring your appetites and open wide for a little sample of the ever simmering nostalgic stew of BrokeLemons.

Thanks for following and joining us on our ever changing lives and adventures.

7 thoughts on “Nostalgic Stew

  1. Glad to see a new BrokeLemons post. It has been a while! It sounds like you really need to get out and about. Go and climb a mountain this weekend, I’m sure it will get your creative juices flowing again. Maybe Old Rag Mountain (first thing that came up on my Google search, I don’t really know where you live so this might be miles away!). I look forward to you getting your video mojo back, I want to see you throw up on a turtle!

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    1. Lol, I don’t think you would have wanted to see me throw up on that turtle – it was horrific. I think that poor creature probably still has turtle-mares over that day.

      Let’s see, Old Rag Mountain is approximately two hours away from us. We might just have to take that hike.

      The juices are slowly trickling again so hopefully something will manifest itself soon. Thanks for the trek advice. We miss you guys.


  2. Urgh… I feel you!!!! It’s a month from summer here and has decided it’s time to make up for a lack of rain… Life was to plain to begin with but slowly starting to appreciate the little joys in ‘normal life’!… Whatever that is!!!! Love your description. Come to oz when you need a break 🙂 I’ll find some sort of snake or lizard to stash in some vodka to take you back! Much love xxxx

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    1. Lol,the feeling does suck right. I don’t know how you guys adjusted – you were traveling for a lot longer than we were. How have things been goingby the way? If you two ever find yourselves in the U.S. please hit us up. It’ll be great to catch up and do some exploring together. I’ll hold you to that drink. But, I think I’ll have to pass on the extra fermentation ingredients lol. If you guys ever want to drop us a line my email is


  3. I know we can’t take you traveling abroad but we can take you to little hidden treasures that may remind you of your traveling days. There is some great scenic areas where we live, lets go and check them out =)

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    1. Thanks for all the post travel support! You guys have been great. You’re right, there is a good bit of activities to do, and things to see around here. We need to do stuff, and I need to hang out more.


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