24 Hour Sleep Fest!!!

Firstly, we would like to apologize for the lack in posts, pics, and videos. If you’ve visited Brokelemons.com in the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the content has been getting pretty stagnant…

Here’s the reason why: for a little over two months now we’ve been snaking our way around Southeast Asia. Though the traveling itself has been amazing, our country hopping has also been very hectic and tiring – where planning a multi-month trip happens chaotically day by day. The region has overwhelmingly inspired us and our eyes have been pulled wide open with the vastness, diversity, and cultural differences each country has presented to us.

Since we parted ways with New Zealand, we’ve been trying tirelessly to capture and document all that we’ve experienced in Asia, and there is so much that we want to share with our followers. At the moment, we’re embarking on a 24 hour road trip to Vietnam on a sleeping bus.

This is our first encounter with one of these buses, and it’s pretty cozy. Personally, it’s unlike any bus I’ve ever ridden in. With all of the standard seats removed, we have instead a vehicle filled with three rows of bunk beds – spreading all the way from the front of the bus to the rear. That being said, with the right people, a ride such as this could become a very awesome slumber party on wheels.

We hope that our lack of content hasn’t driven any of you away, but rest assured we will be posting new stuff in the coming weeks. In the meantime, keep checking up on new Brokelemons experiences, and keep squeezing the most out of your travels.

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