Offbeat Track In Northland

Our usually trusty Garmin GPS gave us an error message whilst driving about in a remote part of Northland – “no roads near starting point“. Hmmm…

Cool beans, out came the paper maps (it’s been awhile and I’ll admit that I did a terrible job of reading these). The day was exceedingly bright and all I saw were Maori words for different places and lots of markers for a whole bunch of beaches. That map might’ve been upside down as well.

There was no real direction or aim here, so how about we just keep going? Oddly enough, the further up north we went, the warmer it noticeably became. This was prime jandal-wearing weather, and the rest of those hours were devoted to beachspotting and hopping.

I particularly liked this orange, rusty shack right off the road. It caught my eye the moment I saw against the clear blue water and sky. If ever we were homeless and no one claims it…

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