From Streets To Sand: Dunedin’s Hidden Groundwork

Pretty much every time we stop by the college town of Dunedin, there’s something new that pops up or places that we had completely overlooked before. It’s not the biggest campus by any means, but what lies around it is actually worth checking out by foot.

First, Baldwin Street:
Did you know that this back alley road is, in fact, the world’s steepest street? Every year, people throw thousands of orange chocolate balls down the slope to raise money for charity as part of the Cadbury Jaffa Carnival.

Next up, St. Clair Beach:
Really pretty, really clean, and really…tranquil. We almost had the entire beach to ourselves. I literally counted one surfer, three dogs, and a very colorful mural. Adjacent to shore lies the “Esplanade”, a buzzy block of restaurants, cafes and little stores strung along the sandy waterfront.

And then there was Tunnel Beach:
Yes, we’ve seen you before but you were too hard to ignore. A walk right before sunset yet again confirmed that this is such a fine place to be during magic hour.

‘Til next time!

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