Do You Want to Build a Snowman?!

Antarctica will forever be my final frontier. In my opinion it’s as frozen as Anna’s heart, and as detached as Elsa’s family values. It is a mysteriously remote, bitterly frozen continent – and very much the only reason I’ve been so fascinated by it for so long.

Until I see it with my own eyes, learning about it is the next best thing I can do for now. Luckily, Christchurch has the International Antarctic Centre – a facility devoted to Antarctic lovers like myself.

One thing the International Antarctic Centre does well is that it mixes fun with a bit of wildlife specimen, environmental simulations, and historical facts. Whether you enjoy riding in the Hagglund, enduring the 40km/h winds, or freezing at-35˚C within the simulated Antarctic Storm, there is much to do and see. This is a neat museum that contains material on everything from the ecosystems of Antarctica, to the brave adventurers and scientists who have risked their lives voyaging there.

The centre also houses some lovable, rehabilitated blue penguins in its Penguin Encounter. The penguins are kept in this sanctuary because they’ve suffered serious injuries in the wild, which has left them physically defenseless from predators. Provided with all the luxuries a retired penguin could want, these guys couldn’t have it any better; cozy homes, pools, friends, and of course, getting hand fed everyday – all of which helps to facilitate their comfort. Also, it allows them to freely play amongst themselves and show off their individual personalities and quirks.

Besides the few things I’ve mentioned, the International Antarctic Centre still has so much more to offer those who are interested in Antarctica. If you ever find yourself in the area, you should swing by for a visit. It just might motivate you to get that one way ticket to the real South Pole.

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