What To Do For A Guy Who Doesn’t Like Birthdays

Every year, a birthday comes and goes and we all sit there astonished at how quickly 365 days flew by (did that year even count??). It’s also often said that time is quite precious so better start making those wishes count. With all the candles that keep on coming, I start to wonder, “are we getting too old for such birthday shenanigans?”

This year in particular meant a milestone birthday for Harold. Planning was a bit tricky, especially for a guy that a) doesn’t like his own birthdays b) never celebrated them much and c) has once driven across state lines to runaway from said occasions.

For me, I enjoy making these moments special. As a personal standard, I abide by the following three birthday commandments:

1. There shall be cake. Without fail.

2. Involve all of the big Fs’s: food, family, friends. Mix and match.

3. Presents are unnecessary when a handwritten card will do.

Beyond that, it’s all up in the air and who knows what’ll happen…. *muahhahaha*. Some things work accordingly but most of it ends up being impromptu. Here’s how his most recent birthday unfolded:

  • Wake up — SURPRISE! We’re running a 5K today.
  • Take him to lunch, just you and him. Let him eat all the fries.
  • Have a nap. Let buddies who show up at the door and go “Kayaking? Our treat” take over = Awesome mates
  • Then let them go for a round at the driving range followed by chicken on a car. Screw your long lines Mickey D’s!
  • This one was intentional and carefully thought out. Knowing that he’s terrified of heights,  it was time to conquer his fear once and for all. I said, “We’re just gonna go for a nice, warm float in the sky…” or >> paragliding without diapers<<
  • Adrenaline wore off, hunger comes back. And so, back to the big basic F’s. Pizza party at Winnie Bagoes!

Thanks to those of you who came out and shared the day with us. You guys made it memorable – I’m sure he’s never been chased around a restaurant by chicken drumsticks before. And so, we learned that you can never be too old for birthday shenanigans.

Now it’s time to make those wishes really count. 🙂


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