Our Right To Be Shootin’ THANGS

In honor of our founding fathers and Independence Day, I thought I’d exercise my right to bear arms and celebrate the 4th of July in true American style — by blowing shit up!!

This did not happen by choice initially. I had been taken hostage from the house and driven out to a field in the middle of nowhere. Any questions that I’d asked were met with stony silence and a stern side eye. The driver seemed lost and not sure of where he was going so we rode in circles for awhile. Something was clearly off.

Up ahead, brown weeds gave way to an old building. The driver told me to get out of the car while he stopped to pull something from the trunk. Turning around I suddenly spotted happy faces that popped up in front of the building yelling “Surprise!” Behind me, Harold and Zac presented a pair of leather boots along with cowboy hats. Notorious for planning aversion, Zac Power had somehow organized a secret outing with the gang in order to support my red white and blue culture.

Looks like we’re going shootin’ y’all!

More fun than your usual BBQ, crowded parade or clown-filled carnival, my NZ mates and I glorified the use of guns and ammunition in a safe, well-instructed setting. After sitting through a tutorial and safety demonstration, we lined up and practiced aiming and sight techniques.

Firing shotguns was hard – the clay pigeons are quicker than they seem and you have to predict where they’ll be midair a few seconds prior and then shoot at that exact location. Some of the guys knew right away as soon as they hit their target, but I could only tell after seeing the clay break into pieces.

The setup was girls vs. guys so naturally it became pretty competitive. My patriotic colors definitely shone through when the neon-orange clay connected with the copper shell and obliterated into fiery brightness – the feeling of automatic satisfaction.

Given all the smack talking going on, I’m surprised we all shook hands and said well done at the end. The deed was done and the scores were tallied: dudes won 25-20 (guess all that Battlefield paid off).

Hats off to the team for coming out – especially those who were new to the scene. We kept it clean and didn’t shoot anyone’s limbs off.

*And a big thanks to Mr. Gerring for organizing the “surprise” gathering and to Target Demolition for a fun, injury-free day!

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