How Teddy Tonka Came To Be

Up until now, I probably haven’t elaborated much on the origins of how we picked up the latest addition to the family. It’s a bit embarrassing, to be honest. Teddy was unplanned – he kinda just happened his way into our life and has stayed firmly rooted ever since.

It started with chicken. What began as another late-night feast at the flat with Harold and Josh led to lots of yummy pollo being devoured. Despite our best combined efforts, some of it could not possibly be eaten any further. In what was probably a food-induced comatose state, I hazily said, “We should get a dog to eat our leftovers.”

Irresponsibly ingenious thoughts at work? Yes, to which I immediately said, “YES WE SHOULD!”

Well, the rest of the plot avalanched a bit after we all jumped on TradeMe. Emailing a few ads selling puppies online was nothing but giggles, until we got a phone call from a lady saying they had one runt left. Having nothing better to do on a Saturday, a rural drive out to a place called “Tonka Farm” left me with doubts. Concerns mostly having to do with commitment had me wondering whether we should get a dog when we had no idea what our semi short-term plans were. Also, training and raising it with two other individuals meant potential conflict and differences.

It didn’t matter. Brain set to the obligatory “no we will not” mode, I walked up to the farmhouse with steeled nerves until turning a corner landed me right in front of a ball of fluff. Seriously, it was just the most relaxed ball of fluff that existed and IT WAS OVER.

Teddy must have had the same effect on big bad Josh and Harold because one of them uttered, “Oh shit.”

Charming as ever, we convinced the owner to sell us her favorite puppy of the pack and eagerly brought him home to Picton Ave.

The trials ensued and many parenting lessons were taught to us the hard way. Border collies are extremely energetic and need LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE AND EXERCISE. Failure to meet this one crucial and utmost requirement is guaranteed to leave plaster missing from your walls or carpet torn in chunks. His doey eyes may ooze sweetness and innocence but those who know…blatantly curse his middle name “Mischief-maker”.

One year later, Teddy is now a bit bigger than a ball of fluff. Although his kookiness and OCD has grown considerably, he still demands very much the same amount of affection and steals kisses all the time.

Along the way, we might’ve made some questionable choices and probably could have strived to be more nurturing and active but there are no regrets (trying at times, I know). Still, it’s like the red Kong toy that he adores so much for no reason, the ball doesn’t even realize it but his love’s clearly unconditional. He is ours and we are his.

2 thoughts on “How Teddy Tonka Came To Be

    1. Thanks! Collies can be a handful but they give so much back – love, happiness and reliable running companionship.

      Cody looks very sweet and seems to share Teddy’s fondness for car rides!


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