Ten Things To Do In Akaroa

A tiny French town by the name of Akaroa sits in the heart of an ancient volcano. The place may look sleepy from the outside, but it’s far from dormant. Here is my list of ten things to do in Akaroa:

1.     No need to rush. Take it slow and start off on the pier.

2.     Check out the cute locals.

3.     Have a pint or two at the tavern.

Even better, take in the view. TAKE IT ALL IN.

4.     Grab your gear and go mountain biking around the volcanic rim. Prepare for some bare white knuckles.

Afterwards, sit and savor the most perfect bowl of wedges (sharing strictly not advised).

5.     Spot the world’s tiniest dolphins — go on a wildlife cruise with Akaroa Dolphins.

6.     Stop by the lighthouse for a little peep.

7.     Attend Akaroa’s annual French Fest for a bit of fun and heritage.

8.     Brave the semi-freezing water and go dolphin swimming with Black Cat Cruises. Make sure to carry and tap two small stones together to attract the Hector’s dolphins.

9.     Chill out and stroll for a wee while down the Esplanade.

10.     On the outskirts of town, there are some lawless bandits around. Don’t be afraid to stare these bad mamajamas down.

Most of all, just enjoy your time there! Au revoir~

2 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do In Akaroa

  1. This is wonderful, Yen, a wee vacation for me. So serene it seems and at the end, you look so relaxed. Have sent it on to friends — who need a vacation too. Thank you. It’s the simple pleasures…. LLL


    1. Thanks Linda! Your summer’s just starting over there so I’m hoping your vacation plans will soon include lots of sun and good R&R. 🙂


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