70+ Ways to Jump off a Cliff

Here is a typical BrokeLemon morning with Yen: her friend Haodi came for a visit from the States, and instead of a nice breakfast to start off the day, they went on a canyon swing.

Any adrenaline lovers out there will probably enjoy this. If you’ve done bungee jumping then this is a good way to put a swing on things. It’s freestyle jumping off a cliff versus just free falling vertically from a stationary platform.

Pricy but different: $215 NZD is probably a no for anyone on a budget…especially a BrokeLemon. And really, that’s understandable because these two girls put a lot of thought into it (all of ten seconds) seeing how there are many other things you can spend that amount on – a night at the bar, a nice restaurant dinner for two, paying bills, grocery shopping…you get my drift.

But, if you’re willing to pay all those moneys for a little bit of fun, then this is how it works at Shotover Canyon Swing. The swing is a combination of a 60m vertical drop that later catches and swings you 200m outwards. Before you jump though, you’ve got to decide from which of over 70 different jump styles to choose from – or create. In fact, any jump style you come up with is most likely a jump you can do. You want to jump off wearing a panda onesie and skateboard off while playing a bamboo flute? Well, I’m pretty sure it can be done.

BONUS: Afterwards, any additional canyon swing is only $35. The catch is you’ve gotta continue wearing your wristband and return after your first swing. As long as you still have on that wristband, each jump will only cost you 35 bucks. Sweet as, bro.

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