Miles From New Year’s Past

As most of our stories do, it started with a road trip. “Get in the car!!” he yells as I throw the last of our bags in and cackle with glee. The gas tank feels heavy and once in motion, this whirlwind frenzy cannot be contained. It is probably one of my most notorious habits, persuading my sweet-natured partner that leaving town and putting a bajillion miles on the odometer just to get lost is, in fact, necessary. Always on the run, hanging out of windows, and hopping around to get fleeting shots like these – it’s a compulsory obsession that drives many insane and yet, unleadedly fuels my happy, wanderlusting heart.

This time though, our heavy breathing stalwart of a car took us to what was truly, truly an indescribable place.

Oh, why hello Cathedral Cove.

When words go all schizo on me, that is how I know when to shut up and let my mouse do the clicking.

So, yes. Always say yes to cookies and cappuccinos on the beach. The guided outing with Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours was great, but because we couldn’t get enough, Harold and I wanted to approach and explore it from a different angle. There’s a short hour walk around the back that takes you right to Gemstone and Stingray Bay for some casual snorkeling. Keep a lookout for aggressive seagulls and mild sunburns though.

This story came to a milestone of sorts on Hahei Beach. We drove a long, windy way to get lost but the journey felt like the quick twinkle of an eye. Our New Year’s Past was spent on pink sand celebrating 7 years of hard-earned chaos and magic. And the best discovery so far? We haven’t thrown each other out of the car yet. To be honest, I don’t know how he does it.

Happy Anniversary, with love.

For those checking out the North Island, don’t miss The Coromandel. I highly recommend it! 🙂

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”– T. Roosevelt

2 thoughts on “Miles From New Year’s Past

    1. We will Lance. It seems like you and Chelcy will be living the best dream scenario in a few months. Congrats once again – hope to see you two again sometime in the near future.


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