Not Too Trashy For My Taste

If there’s one legitimate thing that I could bring back from New Zealand to the US, it would be my trash. Out of all the neat stuff we’ve seen and bought, I keep telling friends how much I love the garbage collection (or should I say “rubbish”) here. It boggles my mind, this systematic kiwi ingenuity, and for that, I say “well done sir!”

Gloriously designed bins, aren’t they? The best part is… they’re color coded. Think on this for five seconds. Red for rubbish means STOP and cut back – Yellow for recycling hints CAUTION – and Green for compost tells you to GO GO GO! If this doesn’t get folks excited, well, maybe we just need better shit at home. Get with it MERICA!

And now, for some belated Earth Day imagery.

This marshy cluster caught my eye en route to Kai Iwi Lakes; mesmerizingly solemn, it is now a timber crypt for old, wooded souls. The blackbirds perched and nestled right among the dead limbs gave off an ominous vibe, as if they wanted to say “hey careless human, this may look like a scene from your future apocalypse but it’s our home now and we’ll find a way to survive.” Maybe we might rethink on our waste?

On a much livelier note, I got to see Tāne Mahuta “the Lord of the Forest” up close. No joke, the dude is immense. Measuring ~50 meters high and 14 meters wide, he’s got 2,000 plus years on him. Protected by both Māori and kiwis alike, Tāne Mahuta is well looked after and sacred to many. Did anyone else visiting this site think of the Hometree from Avatar? Where are my beloved Na’vis then?

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