I’m Colored and I Don’t Care!

The 5K Color Run was back in February, but I still think it deserves a proper flashback post. Reasons for participating in this event definitely vary, and can be distinctly different from individual to individual. Still, the main purpose of this run is to promote a healthier and happier way of life – as well as getting colored the hell out.

For this short 5K looped run, I, along with my small crew, decorated our crowns with bright green wigs and decked the rest of our bodies with white Color Run attire and accessories. Too bad we didn’t dress in front of a mirror…if we had seen ourselves before the run we might’ve decided against the wigs. I’m pretty sure the rest of the crowd thought the Teletubbies had escaped some parallel universe just to wreak fashion havoc and burn out everyone’s corneas.

The weather was horrible in the beginning of the day. I thought the frigid rainstorm would have been a valid deterrent for most people but it was the complete opposite – the turnout was amazing. The Color Run only happens once a year, and a little rain should never be the sole reason for discouraging people from coming out. In fact, so many runners showed up the crowds had to be sent out to the track one pack at a time.

During the run there were four color zones: green, pink, blue, and yellow. This is where we came head-to-head with many Color Run volunteers, or, as I call them, “colorteers”. Their only jobs were to throw pigmented powder at us – colored powder that was specific to whichever zone we were in. These colorteers made sure they doused us from head to toe in a collage of paint. With a volatile mix of cold rain and paint being hailed on me, I felt as if I running through the crossfire of feral unicorns battling rainbow projectile vomit.

The short and brilliant run was more or less a breeze, and it ended a lot faster than I thought. Once across the finish line, Yen and I celebrated with two of our good friends at the music festival. Naturally, we all ended up covered in even more packets of colored powder, and concluding the entire thing in true neon style. The outside and insides of my clothes, my eyes, nose, and even the inside of my mouth was full of dyed powder – tasting the rainbow never felt so good.

Having never done a race of any kind before, I personally feel that this was a great way to be introduced to the world of distance running…or maybe leisure running. It made me glad to see that this race had nothing to do with competition – we all just wanted to have a good time. Thankfully my better half believed that even though I may be a little older, I should never exempt myself from trying new and exciting things. So I think I’ll just keep enjoying the company I keep, running a little harder, and living a lot more brightly.

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