This One’s Just Right!

Here is a tiny excerpt from my mem-banks of an exclusively rare beach: right now I’m mainly thinking about how much time I spent digging up a small spa at Hot Water Beach. That in addition to how much labor was involved in sculpting an adult-sized kiddie pool made of sand – with nothing more than a toddler’s shovel.

To reiterate, it’s called Hot Water Beach for obvious reasons. From above, this beach on the Coromandel seems very normal, but down below, nature is brewing up something really amazing. Underneath the soft golden sand, there is a reservoir of hot water that flows upward from the depths of the earth. This heated source slowly surfaces in the Pacific Ocean, and during low tides, beach bums like myself are fortunate enough to be able to dig our own personal spa pools.

The motivation behind my furious digging at Hot Water Beach had less to do with free will, and more to do with being driven by my better half. Standing behind me, she yelled all the while like a beached coxswain. My efforts were similar to that of Goldilocks, but unlike her porridge scavenging, I was struggling to find the right settling spot to steam our buns in. Some pools dug up were too hot –  up to 64ºC (147ºF) of scalding water. Others pools were too cold. But I kept on digging until I reached that “ahhhhhhh” moment… the moment when I had finally dug a pool that was just right. I even included a little drainage system to keep a continuous flow of hot water streaming into our pool.

Before I could put down my shovel, I noticed that my beached coxswain was already in my pool and enjoying the hard work that I alone had put into it. I soon joined her and we spent most of the afternoon relaxing and chillaxing. Eventually me and my poor Goldilocks were chased out of our spa. Evicted by the rising tide, it swiftly rushed in and destroyed any evidence that two BrokeLemons had ever spent the day there.

2 thoughts on “This One’s Just Right!

  1. Hi Harold and Yen,

    This is cool – I mean hot. Nice to feel the heat, as I and everyone else around here are once again digging out. Had 11 inches of new snow on the deck today, less (about 8 inches) in the driveway which had been warmed by the sunny 70 degrees yesterday. Still, very lovely, and you know how I like the snow – think I’m the last remaining one around here who does. But, with your post, I can feel my tootsies schmoozing and curling around the sand in the warm mini-spa pools of NZ.

    BTW, happy St. Patrick’s Day – a day late now, natch.

    Luv you guys,

    LLL PS Have you run the relay yet? I did see your note briefly but didn’t yet do anything about it.


    1. Thanks for the comment Linda. I’m glad our post made you feel warm even though your current situation is filled with inches of snow. Honestly we enjoyed the warmth of this beach months ago, but we just got around to posting about it. Winter is nearly here and approaching as we speak.

      Hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day – a week late now, natch back.

      Miss you plenty,
      Harold and Yen


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