Yeah Let’s Walk It Out

In what seems to be a never-ending quest to entertain our hyperactive dog, we came to realize that you just have to throw convention out the window. Although Teddy gets free supplies of old tennis balls, massive femur beef bones from the butcher, and more recently lots of 10K runs around the park, he’s always keen for more. Our friends have been quite helpful and it’s not uncommon to get a text saying “We stole your dog!”

Not wanting to hinder his pupletic abilities, TT effortlessly tired himself out running up and down Gibraltar Rock, fetching sticks for Harold, and rolling like a little golden poly from one hill to another. On a sunny day, this spot was pretty nice – quiet and actually remote enough to where he could roam free without us having to worry about other animals or people. If you hear your dog panting for a few minutes in the trunk, flopping over and suddenly going quiet, he’s either not alive or just really glad that you took him out. Yip, our work was done for the day.

Crater Rim was a bit more challenging, perhaps more so for us because we had to stop TT from wolfing down horse patties, sucking up sheep pellets, and freaking out over climbing stairs. Fortunately no one got stuck on an electric fence and the three hour track suited everyone just fine. I’m still not sure how he runs through all those prickly gorse thorns and comes out looking like a glowing K9 Ken doll, but my nose told me he sure didn’t smell the part. Oh well, here comes the hose!

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