Class V

Juxtaposed to the calm mirrored waters of Lake Pukaki, Rangitata White Water Rafting dished out five classes of gurgling, turbulent, white-crested swells.

It’s a culmination of natural frenzy that may make you pee yourself, or just give you that illusion after you’ve endured a constant assult of splashing and spraying.

Funny thing was that I began the day with a very unsavory thought: What if I was to get thrown out of the boat? Fast forward to our first rapid of the day (a class III), my Lewis and Clark expedition was doused when I ended up catapulting out of the raft (the only person thrown if I remember clearly).  Even though my pride was momentarily submerged under the unforgiving rage of the Rangitata, that didn’t stop me from taking my paddle in hand and maniacally spearing the billowing water.

White water rafting on the Rangitata was anything but a serene lazy river experience. The only exception was towards the end when everyone slumped out of their rafts to enjoy a well deserved float down the relatively calm portion of the river. This, however, was cut short when we arrived at two huge cliff faces. Our options were to either jump off the cliffs or to spend the rest of the trip mocked for being a coward. Since I already had one mishap that day, I figured I’d salvage my pride by jumping off. Affordably priced, the expedition turned into quite the sandwiched experience: two loaves of mind-blowing wholesomeness centered with a sweetly smooth, rich filling.

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