Down in Dunedin

If you think that the world’s southernmost university is just about studying, drinking and wasting loads of inheritance money on Red Bulls, then you’re wrong. Students aka “scarfies” at the University of Otago spend a lot of time outside of the classroom playing sport and staying active around the Peninsula. And, well honestly, who can blame ’em? With awesome spots like these sprinkled around campus, I’d probably be playing hooky as much as possible, too.

Class cancelled? Take a drive all the way around the Otago Peninsula. You might find more history, geology and culture along this windy stretch than in some dusty, old stacks.

Bored of Domino’s from the dining hall? Pack a lunch basket and head to Sandfly Bay instead for a bite with some cute yellow-eyed penguins.

Bombed that accounting exam? Numbers have no place here at Tunnel Beach, a magical world away from it all. Sit atop the major arch for some yoga-induced inspiration and count the number of waves crashing every hour. Bonus if you descend into the hand-carved tunnel where a private beach awaits. So relax already and good on ya, mate!

3 thoughts on “Down in Dunedin

  1. “hooky” honestly Harold, that is such an old school term
    and Yen, just because you’re exploring the Great Wild, doesn’t mean your outfit choices should be.
    Just kidding. Not really.
    Sister Dear


    1. Hey hermanita, is it crime scene week? Don’t be jelly of brokelemons playing hooky just because you’re stuck being a Hokie. Wahoowa!

      P.S. Tunnel Beach is calling your name…


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