Powder Out

After having the warmest winter on record, the season ended for us on a brief and slushie note. Here are the last three places we managed to hit:

Mount Hutt – Primed for speed, the fast-paced runs here force both braking heels on full alert. Lots of awesome terrain and many levels to choose from. Involuntary cartwheels down the slope are cushioned quite nicely due to thick base layers. No knee pads needed!

Mount Dobson – Good spot with few crowds but not enough signs. My first go using T-bars = n00b disaster. After being wrapped around a pole, fellow riders got to see a purple human grape boomerang tossed midair across the path. Instant ego plummet…check.

Mount Cheeseman – Name fits. This locust of a mountain ate more than a few wood chips from our boards! With such unpredictable terrain, it’s definitely not your average P90X workout. Feel those sweet thigh burns!

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