Foxes Will Fly

Pump a forest with enough adrenaline and foxes will fly. No not really, but last summer, Yen and I went to Adrenalin Forest in Christchurch. It’s a series of multilevel treetop obstacle courses bridged together by commando flying foxes. The first time we played in this high wired fantasy nightmare, we enjoyed it so much that we ended up purchasing a GrabOne voucher – just to get another shot to test our fight-or-flight responses.

Sadly enough, I’ve always been afraid of heights. Even after sky diving, bungee jumping, and climbing various household furniture, I still get major heart palpitations if I’m standing atop anything that’s more than 10 feet high. I don’t understand why everything can’t be like it is in Paper Mario or other side-scrolling Nintendo games? Holes appear, you fall in, and the rest is restart. The characters never have to react like Lara Croft in the original Tomb Raider game; scream, plop, glitch, plop again, dead.

Thanks to my depth perception, being up high always creates a gestating brood of hungry Cerberus-like basset hounds in my lower abdomen. All of which makes me very queasy as they play what seems to be a healthy game of crossfire – yeah, it’s not a good feeling. Many would just throw in the towel and not attempt any heightened adventures at all. Instead, I suck it up and force myself to face my fear head-on. It’s much better than cowering below the treetops like a nonsensical flightless bird.

Progressing through the wood-grained levels is almost like strategizing your way through a video game. The extreme heights become very daunting when the ground begins to unfold beneath you, and being 20 meters up really prompts the mind to play some very cruel tricks on itself. Each level has its own tribulations, which makes the hardships even more fulfilling when they’re completed. Powering your way through the manic courses definitely puts a gratifying smile on your face. A smile that quickly disappears once you reach the starting point of the next course.

Adrenalin Forest is undoubtedly high octane fun, and because of this experience I’ve quickly realized that I have much more potential than I’d ever thought. I can clearly remember the pure rush I felt every time I rocketed across a course on a flying fox. Feeling the wind blow through my carpet-like hair right before I plowed into a stop pad… One word of advice is to not keep your hands too close to the rear of the flying fox device when you stop – or in the front for that matter. Do this on either side and you’ll end up getting a very painful finger jam…or worse, a broken hand. If you’re just too scared to try new things, I suggest you stay grounded for this one.

If you want to experience some crossfire playing basset hounds in your tummy, then leave your fears below, get adrenalized, and let out a thunderous scream as you piggy back on some soaring flying foxes.

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