19 Ways To Tell You’re A Border Collie

1. You love being tickled near your secret spot.

2. Your IQ is 220 and you graduated summa cum laude from Canine University.

3. You’re usually full of energy anyways, but a little caffeine makes you go cray cray!

4. You’re a total chick magnet! The ladies can’t get enough of your chiseled features and winning smile.

5. wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah. Ah… Girl look at that body. I work out!

6. Secretly, bath time is special to you, because he brings out the Herbal Essences.

7. Never back down! You stay calm in tough situations.

8. Namaste. Just relax, breathe, and meditate.

9. Clearly you need to show the noobs how to walk a dog properly.

10. Arrgh! Johnny Depp has nothin’ on your booty-plunderin’ skills.

11. It’s almost impossible for you to not herd anything that remotely resembles sheep.

12. Bored? You find other ways to get attention.

13. You really don’t like being chased.

14. Fashion faux paws? Sweetie, please. Being stylish is no issue for you.

15. Nor is finding water. Practicality is pretty much your middle name.

16. Some days you question your pedigree, and other days…you just know you’re the shizzle!

17. On Dog vs. Wild, you know how to survive when food gets scarce.

18. You take your job seriously – protecting the flock means a lot to you.

19. Best friends forever, ok?!?

Welcome to the family, Teddy Tonka!!!

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