There’s Something About Mona

If you have a moment to spare – in between the pints of cider and savory nibbles – borrow a book (may I recommend The Wise Man‘s Fear?) and throw the blanket down somewhere nice and quiet. It’s an effective way to cut down on costs for travel or weekend activities by simply raiding the city’s local bounty. Arthur taught us that “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!” so Harold makes sure to get us weekly stocks of reading material and to hit up the area’s free exhibits and attractions.

Even though our work and personal lives can be at times sporadic, there is always good reason to recharge those batteries. When people tell you to figuratively stop and smell the roses, I find that literally doing just that is the better option! Wandering around Mona Vale is the sip of tea to your caffeinated city chug. Upon closer inspection, this quiet garden has its own range of anthropomorphic residents. The daydreaming hipster butterfly floats whimsically over the  flock of deranged, homeless ducks. Meanwhile, the geese one bench down are patiently waiting their turn in a guaranteed breadline with little fanfare – obviously unaware of the busy worker bee (my EpiPen-loathing archnemesis!) looking for that sweet, sweet nectar.

Which all goes to say that, like most of us, some days we’re the happy and carefree schmetterling and other days….well, we all know what it’s like to be stung by that striped little jerk.

2 thoughts on “There’s Something About Mona

  1. Hi Yen and Harold,

    As I was ending a session here at the computer, I broke into your new Post with glee – the pictures are so nice (earlier in the year? – aren’t you having winter?) – thank you again. I want to tell you that on clicking on the Mona Vale link the message was that it is closed due to the earthquake. How did you get in?

    I caught up with Amy Sunday at Sweet Berry. You must have told her I’d been by, because she called. She looks real cute in her S.B. hat and it’s just the right place for her – so pretty in a pinky, girlish way – don’t tell her I said that. She told me your coming to VA was a secret, so I’m mum on that. I sure hope the weather improves for you – it’s very humid and grey and rainy here – all week I think. Surely as August approaches, the sun will come out again. Right now, I’m very thankful I have a cool and relatively dry place to come indoors, when ordinarily I hate a.c. How fortunate we are to live so grandly – I’m very much aware of that.

    What are savory nibbles in NZ? Is the cider hard? Might have to check out the book. Thank you!!



    1. Hi Linda,

      We visited Mona Vale awhile back when it was a lot warmer. At that time, we were still able to walk through part of the grounds even though buildings and sections of it had been closed due to heavy earthquake damage.

      As for Amy’s first job, I’m sure that she’ll love having visitors pop in to see her in a Sweet Berry outfit. Places like Breeze, Shilla, Eden and Popeyes are also on my foodie list when I come back.

      Savory nibbles here in NZ generally include scones, muffins, sausage rolls, or pies. I kept ordering them and wondering why they were always salty until my coworkers pointed out that the term literally means “not sweet”. The ciders on the other hand, tend to be very sugary, especially if you try the feijoa/boysenberry ones.

      Thanks for your comments and can’t wait to see you soon!


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