Pups Gone Wild


You ever seen a Kaikoura fur seal pup up close? If not, sit at your computer right now and pretend that you’re getting that chance. Look at these plush bug-eyed cuties. Contrary to our pics, these huggable bundles of joy need no saving, nor do they need animal activist, Sarah McLachlan, to sing them a song. These chubby swimming koalas have it made.

They swim, play, shuffle around, and sleep all day long. They don’t even consider the fact that their poor mamas are out at sea trying to fatten up just to produce enough life milk for them. Luckily though, that’s not our problem. All we have to do is venture out to Ohau Point anytime between May and October, take our cameras and camcorders, and hope to God we’re not around when Mama Seal comes back.

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