Seasons of Sumner

Recently, there has been lots of summer shenanigans going on in Virginia with beach outings, BBQ bonanzas, yardsale hunting and slurpee-induced brain freezing over there. I can’t help but sigh and cozy up to my glowing candle and inhale the sweet sickly smell of artificial lemongrass and lime (for nostalgic and heating purposes). It’s currently -3C at the moment, and Harold’s walking around in double layers muttering stuff about the age of modern insulation and taking turns with me to see who whose breath vaporizes first in the frigid air.

As Old Man Winter tightens his grip, I thought I’d share snippets of Sumner, a seaside suburb in Christchurch, seen both in the springtime and in the middle of fall. The Esplanade has little shops and cafes to stop by for those who want to feed, stroll or surf (be mindful of the seagulls, John got pooped on right after we had ice cream). Godley Head to Taylors Mistake is a three hour meander among the clifftops, and gave us really nice views of the city. As for the multitude of sheep, they’re just a fluffy part of the vista in need of a fine herder to show ’em the right way home.

One thought on “Seasons of Sumner

  1. Dear Yen and Harold,

    I sure do LOVE your posts – they are great, even now when you are so cold. In F degrees, just how cold is it?? (too lazy I am to do the C conversion). Well, the sheep certainly look warm.

    I sat back the other night for a treat – catching up on your posts – the visuals are spectacular, the writing superb, the smiles delightful, and the layouts captivating. Really a treat – I want to somehow convey them to even my little TV and have neighbors/friends over to let them wash over us while we sip wine. What a knack you both have and, of course, I love Lemons, so the whole thing is just such a treat for me. Thank you, thank you!

    I did receive your requests for Linkedin. I’m shockingly not linked in with anyone yet, tho’ many offers have come in over the years. Maybe your invitation will finally get me to get on board.

    It is warm and sunny here, tho’ too, we’re getting a lot of rain. Today started out rainy and then got muggy. Tonight we will get to appreciate the biggest moon – Supermoon, they’re calling it – in a long while – the combination of a full moon and summer solstice. Did you get it there too?

    I’m hunkered down here with work after two 5-day trips, one to Nashville (to see grandson graduate from high school – he’s going to UVA next year!) and one to Plymouth MA to see the littlest grandkids (two girls, 6 and 9) play at gymnastics, softball, and bike riding and to read to both of their classes (one was a poem about Bandit, written on demand). Trying in the meantime to also get a lot of work done on the house – rain and finding a good carpenter are slowing that down.

    Also trying to keep up with yoga, tho’ our little class disbanded so I’ve been trying out other venues and teachers and hope to settle into specific classes and times soon.

    That’s the news from here. Now wondering whether you’ll receive this message back as a reply – perhaps I should have written a comment or mailed this to your email address.

    How’s work going?? I loved seeing your place and, especially, Harold hanging clothes out to dry!! Reminds me of growing up and hanging clothes, which my mother had handwashed, outside on the clothesline – clothes never smelled so good!

    Take care. Are you two an auntie and uncle yet? Gotta get down to see Amy – had a nice visit with her a few weeks back and went up to Sweet Berry the other day to see her (and have a gelato), but I got the day wrong and she wasn’t working.

    Luv you both. Stay warm – hug each other if you have to!!



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