Sweet Disposition

Way before Yen and I completed the Greenstone Track, there was Abel Tasman. Equipped with Jansport backpacks full of cheese puffs, two toddler blankets, and hearts full of determination, we set out on a three day trek. As one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks, Abel Tasman National Park is as close to a coastal resort as you will ever get.

Despite its vacation-esque vibe, this Great Walk may not necessarily be in tune with the pampered beach strolls you might be accustomed to. However, I can assure you that this well-blended tropical smoothie is packed full of nutritious eye candy. Gorgeous secluded turquoise beaches, temperate climates, and rain forests fall short only by the lack of Tarzan and his animal friends swinging about. During our three day adventure, we battled rising tides, nesting sea birds, mega puddles, grasslands, tropical downpours, and blood-sucking sandflies.

From all of its subtleties to the more overt terrestrial displays, each day was a unique mix. Transitions from blue to grey skies along with flat to mountainous terrain kept me enthralled in its beauty. Abel Tasman was a trek that was brilliantly paced. By the time each day ended, I saw something that not only left me awestruck, but solidified the well-known phrase of the jungle, “Hakuna Matata!”

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