Castle Crashers

My favorite game in life is a good multiplayer adventure. I like to think that video games equip us with the critical skills we need to handle some of life’s most tenacious curveballs. Most importantly, they allow us to decide who we want to be. It’s the kind of world where no one tells you who you have to be or what you have to do just to please somebody else. There’s a lot to be said and much persona to reveal based on the role that we take on. To select the hero/heroine, a dark villain, one of the neglected sidekicks, or simply a curious sack boy– it’s completely up to you! Whether you may wildly succeed or fail miserably rests on nobody but you and those two opposable thumbs.

Crashing Larnach Castle wasn’t hard. You see, Harold and I have had much practice. He works on tactics and locating treasure while I blindside the baddies. Together, we level up one XP point at a time and 70/30 the spoils (…what? DK didn’t even share his bananas). While heeding the call of duty and rescuing cute princesses is good and all, I really just enjoy beating up things. Wandering through different arenas, we found animal companions to assist along the way. When health meters ran low, there were endless revives a la french fries. For those of us who face seemingly insurmountable pitfalls, remember to have a little faith in yourself and trust in your partner to have your back. Leave no man behind!

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