Blue Gem, Red Bites

The blue hues out at Hokitika are absolutely (excuse my corniness) gorge-ous! Who knew that a little glacial ice and pinch of rock flour could produce such a vivid concoction? Frankly, this spot would be ideal for a summer dip if not for the crazy undercurrents or the murderous swarm of sandflies. In my opinion, they’re NZ’s biggest threat. As soon as we got there, the vicious vampires stocked up on our A & B blood before we could whip out some repellant. For whatever reason, the spray worked for all of 5 minutes before having to reapply again. At first it wasn’t so bad. The bites are small and almost unnoticeable. Just like a mosquito, they’re meant to infuriate more than anything. Then the weird itch starts after a few days. Obviously, scratching is unavoidable so before you know it, it’s been two weeks of clawing away until finally you’re left with something that resembles a troll hickey. Times ten.

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