Now Stop, Petrified!!!

I’ve never been to a petrified forest before, so when we drove down to Curio Bay, I  was anticipating much more than we got. In my mind, I pictured a beach littered with petrified tree remains for as far as the eye could see. These earthy remnants would then be displayed under a bright sun showing off their brilliant, rustic-colored silicates. Unfortunately, we got there during high tide, and the only exposed fossils were buried underneath hardened sediment. The day was grey and wet, and the location itself was very disappointing, which left me averse to exploring much of the area. Instead of wallowing around with our heads slumped, we cheered up our day with some beachside rain dancing. As a plus for being in the right place at the wrong time, we had our first close-up look at a very rare and shy animal: the yellow-eyed penguin. We might’ve missed out on the beauty of the notorious forest, but at least we got the bird!

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