Mangawhai Heads

It had been a long night of playing Five Hundred and chowing down on beetroot burgers up in North Island. We woke up, however, in this startling abomination of a tent. Clearly camping isn’t yet our forte but somehow we kept half-dry in the rain.

Fortunately, the weather cleared up. The tiny town of Mangawhai is artsy with a little bit of country thrown in the mix. It’s the kind of secret getaway where locals love to hang out, talk about horse races and throw back a few brews. Best of all, the beach is just a stone’s throw from tavern doors.

Conclusion: What looks like a blob of jelly is actually a red sea anemone! A PB&J sandwich suddenly comes to mind.

5 thoughts on “Mangawhai Heads

    1. No, it was an atrocious attempt at tent setting. It rained that night as well, so it was pretty much no different from sleeping outside. Miss you guys as well.


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