Clay Cliffs

A quick jaunt out to Omarama involved walking to the Clay Cliffs. While splendid in the setting sun’s glow, I’m now sure that a properly timed sunrise would have really captured the delicate yet colorful layers and amplified the eroded rawness of these pinnacles. Our friend on the other hand, has a knack for making the most of the scenery; anything that John might have taken is sure to be stellar. It doesn’t seem fair that he and I could be looking at the exact same object, yet our LCD screens depict starkly different images. Your photographs are sublime, Mr. Phillips! Mine are decidedly mediocre.

The highlight came, or rather, curled up in a ball when we spotted it. This one’s for you sissy! I named it “Amy Rose” aka Sonic’s self-proclaimed heroine, and hope it makes up for the day that we said “No!” to buying a hedgehog at the pet shop. Unfortunately, the ones that breed here are quite dirty and diseased and considered widely to be pests. I know, “but they’re so cute!”

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