Master of Trades

Being halfway around the world sure has its limitations; no friends, no family, no Coco Loco (dog). However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to look forward to. In fact, every once in a while, a little bit of home finds its way to the Kiwi post office.

I regularly keep in touch with my old college roommate, Parker, who also happens to be a master of many trades. When he’s not debating profound issues, fire hooping, breakdancing sporadically, or playing card games, he’s most likely building things like inline skates, multi wicks, or even playing Dr. Frankenstein (who magically resurrects vehicles like Bertha from scrap metal). So when he hinted that he was sending me a care package, I was giddy with childish anticipation. Sure enough, a tightly taped up brown box was delivered to our doorstep a few weeks later. It took a while to unravel the box to reveal its contents, but after 20 minutes and 10 sore fingers later, I was examining a surprising collection of items.

I took my time with each one. Given that my ex-roommate is usually very mindful of what he sends along, I wanted to figure out their purpose and appreciate the individual counterparts. Among my box of goodies, there was one piece that more notably reflected how scrupulous he is when it comes to thinking outside of the box. For those familiar with ball bearings, you probably know that their main purpose is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. Many mechanical inventions from roller skates to the Hubble telescope contain these nifty mechanisms. Yet, I was quite flabbergasted to see he’d found another use for this tool by creating a pair of earrings out of them.

Personally I don’t wear earrings, so don’t hold your breath on seeing these rare ball bearing beauts pulling down my lobes anytime soon, but I’m more than sure you’ll see these relics in many adventures to come. Thanks Bugg.

2 thoughts on “Master of Trades

  1. WOW, you make me sound so cool! I’m glad ya’ll finally got them! um can Yen not wear the earrings? I mean I know they would look great on you lololololol. And oh to the fun that fixing “big green ” was. I’ve got the pics of that fix too if you ever want them.


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