Marlborough Marathon

Our flatmate, Josh, invited us to Blenheim to cheer on his mom during her first marathon. After the event in NYC was cancelled due to Superstorm Sandy, she flew back home from the States and decided to participate in the Marlborough Marathon.

Beyond being incredible, Andrea couldn’t have a picked a better day to go the distance. Amid a gorgeous, sun-soaked backdrop, the race seemed slightly less daunting given the stunning views all around. Josh joined his mom for the last leg of the race and quickly realized how misleading a few kilometers in grape-induced sunshine could be. Harold and I, on the other hand, wandered the estate sipping on some quality juice.

Held at Villa Maria every year, each entrant receives a celebratory bottle from NZ’s most awarded winery after crossing the finish line. With a feat such as this, there’s a lot to enjoy from being around people who push hard towards their goals. That day, we learned that his mom easily beat out our muscles and showed us that age ain’t nothing but a number!

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