A Pukaki Rhapsody

Diamonds in the Sky

Check it out, look–

Rolling down south one day
Something came up suddenly
Covered up all in gray
Went by name of Pukaki
Mega tons of iced out bling
Shadowed by the rising peak
Shining bright without a ring
Silence was for those who speak
No need to spend hard-earned G’s
On this moola kinda view
Everything is all for free
Including 50 shades of blue
So open up nature’s box
Drink that alpine H20
Glacial flour, on the rocks
Gives a magic Asian glow
A shoutout goes to the beau
Sitting here right by my side
When life is high and life is low
Count on him throughout the ride
If we’re looking right above
To strange clouds in the sky
Call upon a thunderstorm
Make it rain from way up high
Now that Pukaki has had a look
We’re aiming next for big Mount Cook!

Whoop whoop!

Lake Pukaki

Sticks and Stones

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