Hanmer Springs

Sometimes life, work, and other obligations demand that we just slooow dowwn and relax already. Sensing it was time for a break, we headed up to Hanmer Springs for some water-immersing TLC. As an alpine spa resort, it offers 21 pools ranging from small to big, frigid to scorching, and outdoor to indoor. Drawn from natural water sources, there was a lot of back and forth as to which one to stay in that day.

Just like Harold after a bowl of beans, the sulfur pools can only be described as extremely pungent yet mildly therapeutic. Given the hot temperatures, the detoxifying nature of sulfur most likely comes from your nose clogging up and your insides churning a bit.

Leaving the partner quickly behind, I chose the lazy river for folks like me who can’t be bothered to swim.

Whatever floats your boat, snatch up some sunscreen and splash around until your uberly pruney toes can’t take it anymore!

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