Willowbank’s Wildlife

Not far from town, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is definitely a close encounter with the wild side. Armed with pellets of food and a dim sum bun, we enticed various friendlies to come out and play. Easy to navigate, the one-way track around the park features wild, heritage, and natural exhibits. It’s well-maintained and seeing such animals up close is a nice reminder of important, ongoing conservation efforts. With so many distinctive species to pick from, I tell people that my favorite is the kiwi (although secretly, the kunekune is very ugly-cute and reminds me of our friend’s pug named Kiwi).

Whether you like the people, the bird, or the fruit, kiwis are overall pretty amazing and quintessentially New Zealand.

8 thoughts on “Willowbank’s Wildlife

  1. we love willow bank,as a kid my faimly were involved in a lot of the work going on there,i got my frogs from the moat around the camel enclosure,good times. took my daughter to have a look around a few months ago,will definately be in again,looking forward to it,thanks heaps,means a lot in these difficult times.


    1. It sounds like you have a lot of great memories from Willowbank! Kudos to the staff and the supporters who keep the place going; the animals sure look happy and well-fed.


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