Milford Sound

During the end of October, we had our first public holiday (Labour Day) and used the three day weekend to check out the ever so popular Milford Sound. Bus and boat cruises were offered as part of a sweet deal from Jucy, and so we drove 6 hours south only to find out that the road had been closed due to a mudslide. After spending one night in a Queenstown hostel, we tried again in the morning and were able to make it to the meet-up point only to see our bus drive away. With rental car in tow, we stalked the bus and possibly creeped out the group every time we stopped wherever they stopped. A few spots along the way included Eglinton Valley and the mesmerizing Mirror Lakes.

The trek there can only be described as unexpectedly hairy. Birds, glaciers, moss-covered trees, crazy turns and frequent inclines made for a heart-pounding, manually exhausting drive.

The Sound itself is pretty much a traveller’s postcard. This area receives a ridiculous amount of rainfall thus giving rise to lush rainforest and plenty of cascading waterfalls.

The return trip once again included us following our beloved bus throughout the bewildering landscape.

A few surprises in store to end an awesome day.

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