Below Zero Ice Bar

If you’re ever in Queenstown, New Zealand, and you find yourself wondering what type of shenanigans go on in your freezer when you’re not around…search no longer, Below Zero Ice Bar will definitely whet your frosty appetite.

Put on a warm coat, slide your hands into some thin gloves, and toboggan into a room where everything, including the fireplace is iced out. This is indeed the perfect chill spot for anyone who loves playing in refrigerators. Usually, cold places are not my cup of hot chocolate (being a man of African descent), but if not for just the experience, Below Zero ends up being quite a fun venue. This igloo of a bar gives you a little taste of what it would have been like to party at the ice palace in James Bond’s Die Another Day. Minus the one-eyed villains, billionaires, car chases…alright, Below Zero impeccably crosses the line between a palace and a very large celebrity walk in closet.

Take time to admire the detail in the spectral display of illuminated sculptures, and the fact that this entire room (save the hockey puck and the alcohol bottles) is made entirely of ice.

Before heading out to Below Zero, I would suggest looking for a bundle deal online. One that will include both your entry fee and a drink. Drinks will add up, and you probably don’t want to leave at the end of the night cold, sober and broke. Still, even if you can’t get your mitts on any online deals, I do recommend that you get at least ONE drink. Even if it’s to say that you went to a bar, broke your glass, and everyone was cool about it.

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