Eulogy of Mr. Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit was fluffy and cute, he was cute and he was fluffy. Mr. Rabbit was survived by his twenty mistresses and his one hundred and one bunlings (not a real word). He passed away on the chill night of September 10th, 2012 while he was grubbing and macking on yet another potential lady friend.

As my vehicle (ahem).. I mean, as the roaring ominous lights clambered up the hill in the darkness, Mr. Rabbit was intrigued. For some odd reason, he decided to run at full speed to this object. I suppose it is the same effect for humans who seem to always go towards the glowing UFO lights in the woods. Then later complain about being probed and touched in inappr-….

Sorry, my emotions took over. Anyway, he will truly be missed. It seems that with four rabbit feet, one’s luck can still run out, and Mr. Rabbit ran all four of his into the middle of the road. Well, here is his favorite poem:

Funny bunny tricks for kits,
Bunny crunch and will not quit,
Bunny hop and jump all day,
Funny tummy bunnies play,
Little baby rabbit kit,
Jumps about and does a trick,
36″ of height to get,
Bunny is no domestic pet,
Bunny sweats under his feet,
Carrots he stores in his cheek.
Funny bunny trot and hop,
Only the night to make you stop.

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