Little House on my Prairie

Never in my day did I think that I had to revert back to the times of hand washing and air drying….well, I didn’t exactly have to wash by hand but THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

In light of making some common jokes about this situation, I will come off as being spoiled and pretentious, but remember this is all in jest. Either way, I do expect a little bit of consistency in the way that I’ve been brought up. If you’re going to air dry, then by all means wash your clothes by hand, or rub them on your ten pack abs for a cleaner, fluffier feel. If you’re going to machine wash then….WHY IN THE WORLD ARE WE NOT MACHINE DRYING?

Due to the fact that my current living location doesn’t have a dryer, I spent a little over four hours today doing laundry. First I had to carry our big red duffel bag to a laundromat 25 minutes away, which I should add is connected to a coffee shop. You get your laundry done with a shot of espresso. The washers themselves were the size of buckets you put toddlers in when you don’t really want to buy them one of those K-Mart pools, but still want them to feel special (yeah, it was tiny). So, given that I had the equivalent of two happy meal size washers I ended up using two washing machines at the cost of three dollars each for 20 minutes. I mean, I suppose size really didn’t matter in the end because my loads did seem rather clean, but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted my clothes to be so clean Snuggles would come out and slap me with the relevant cleaning power of these happy meal washers.

Anyways, I’m already kind of steaming from the six dollars I spent trying to wash my clothes and I had to end up spending another two dollars on the dryer. Forty minutes and four dollars later I had a problem. ALL OF MY CLOTHES WERE STILL WET. I was pissed. I’m sitting at the coffee house for two hours spending all of my lunch money while at the same time watching all of these people walk in and out, laughing, eating, drinking, etc. I’m the poor black guy in the corner licking my lips with anime eyes like ‘Isa really like some of that cake if you wouldn’t mind sir’. No one gave me cake or nothin’.

Determined not to spend anymore money I decided to walk home and figure out a different drying process there. Keep in mind the clothes are damp which is now adding more weight. The duffel suddenly feels like I’m carrying a little surprise from the Shire in it. In the end, I walked the 25 minute trek back home and hung up my clothes ‘Little House on the Prairie’ style, making this our first -BROKELEMONS- experience.

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